Hack your trip with Southwest Part I

Southwest Points, Companion Pass, and more

Southwest Airlines is probably the most popular airline in the United States. Free check-in bags, free cancelation, popular destinations, fun crew, the good list can go on and on. So how to get Southwest points and does it worth the efforts?

1. How to get Southwest points? 
  • The easiest way is to apply for southwest credit card via Chase (Since I do not have affiliate with them, I won't provide the link here. But you can search it on Google or send me a message to request the link). There are three of them out there and each gives you 50,000 points. Of course you will also earn points using the card. The three cards are: 


航空公司 Elite Status 的重要性 ---- Delta Airlines

感谢 NYC 和 LGA 的 Flight Delay 给我这个处女博的机会。

上周末我和Emma到纽约去玩了一个周末,玩的很开心,但是离开的时候问题来了。。。夏天雷雨比较多,航班delay的情况比较普遍,特别是在 LGA。

说说基本情况,我的航班是 LGA to DTW,Emma的航班是LGA-ATL,我们是没有这个机场travel的经验,来回的飞机都delay了。

最可怕的是Emma回程的航班,DL 947,从19:00PM delay到第二天1:00AM。因为我们之前没有飞机delay的经验,而且最先也只是delay了一两个小时,觉得还可以接受,所以就在Sky Club里用电脑看电视剧,也没有去询问Gate Agent 更换航班。后来发现不对了,delay从20:30移到21:00,然后21:30,然后22:00,到最后的01:00AM。。。